Mahindra 3015 HST


  • 30 Horsepower
  • Clear view, multifunctional instrument panel
  • Comfortable mounting step and easy grip handle on either side of tractor
  • Comfortable, adjustable driver seat with water drain facility
  • Drawbar
  • Easy access hydraulic block to enable external hydraulic connections
  • Easy forward tilt possible on seat for tractor storage
  • Easy latch for clutch pedal locking during tractor storage
  • Enclosed down-swept exhaust muffler
  • Ergonomic controls and pedals for operator comfort
  • Foldable ROPS
  • Handy toolbox behind driver's seat
  • Hitch lowering speed adjustment knob
  • Hood opens completely for ease of access
  • Live PTO
  • Mid PTO
  • Reinforced metal fenders
  • Spacious, semi-flat deck platform
  • Tilt steering column
  • Wet disc brakes

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Diamond B Tractor Package #1

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Diamond B Tractors Package #3

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