7 Backup Tractor Parts to Always Have for Preventive Maintenance


What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance refers to the regular and routine maintenance of your tractor and agricultural machinery to ensure better performance. This can prevent any unexpected loss of revenue due to the failure of your equipment. Staying on top of maintenance for different types of tractors, especially front-end loaders, is imperative to the longevity of your equipment.

Proper preventive maintenance minimizes the risk of any unexpected maintenance costs. It increases efficiency and helps to prevent any sudden breakdowns. It is wise to keep your tractor parts maintained to ensure the best performance. 

Essential Things to Check During Preventive Maintenance

  1. Coolant quality and level 
  2. Damaged filters
  3. Waxing of diesel fuel 
  4. Lubricant viscosity
  5. Oil globs
  6. Tires
  7. Washer Bottle
  8. Lights and reflectors

7 Backup Parts for Routine Tractor Repair

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The performance of your tractor can be affected by various factors. This can lead to a breakdown of your tractor and unexpected maintenance fees. Having backup tractor parts and accessories is a great way to be prepared for any incidents. It can also help you avoid any loss in revenue. 

We’ve listed some of the most essential backup tractor parts and accessories that are recommended for tractor repair and preventive maintenance care-


Tractor filters are mainly used to protect major components of the tractor from dirt and debris. As tractors primarily engage with dirt and debris, it is always advised to have an extra oil filter, air filter, hydraulic filter, and fuel filter handy. While the air filter blocks large particles like dust, pollen, etc., from entering the engine, the oil filter filters out old oil that solidifies in the parts. The fuel filter sieves tiny particles in the fuel from entering the machine, and the hydraulic filter removes contaminants in the hydraulic oil. Having additional filters can also be helpful if a tractor’s fuel and engine oil need to be checked and changed more frequently. 

Oil and Fuel

Although oil and hydraulic filters sieve most unwanted substances, oil often coagulates in the tractor and affects its performance. Therefore, removing the coagulated oil and filling the tanks with new engine oil and hydraulic oil is essential. 

There is also a possibility that your oil filter or hydraulic filter may be damaged. So, having extra gallons of oil and fuel stored at the ready can help you overcome any oil or fuel loss caused by leakage and continue your agricultural operation.

It is advised to keep a close eye on the fuel levels. It not only avoids delay in filling the fuel tank but also helps you run the tractor efficiently. 

Fluids and Coolants

Along with constant monitoring of your oil and fuel, you must also take care of the engine coolant, hydraulic fluid, radiator fluid, and transmission fluid.  It should be part of your regular preventive maintenance, and you must always fill any empty tanks with clean coolants and fluids. This can not only help you avoid rust, internal damage, and engine clogs but also ensure that your tractor is running properly.

Light Bulbs

Checking your tractor’s headlamps, taillights, and warning lights is an essential step in preventive maintenance. It ensures the safety of your equipment and those who are operating the equipment. In addition, you must replace burnt light bulbs even though they might not hinder your tractor’s performance. Always have extra light bulbs in your garage so that you can swap them quickly in case of damage.

Replacement Belts

Tractors operate their components with the help of various belts. These belts might loosen, crack or split over time and can stop your tractor from working. Check your alternator belts, fan belts, and air compressor belts regularly and tighten them if necessary. You may find it difficult to get replacement belts for your tractor model at your local store, so plan for replacing the belts, especially if your tractor reaches the 200-hour mark. Unlike local stores, Mahindra parts at Diamond B Tractors, one of the best tractor dealers in Texas, can offer you a wide variety of tractor belts from various models and help you replace or repair your tractor belts with ease.

Zerk Fittings

Tractors engage in continuous hard work. It is crucial to grease your tractor joints and zerk fittings regularly and have extra fittings handy in case of any damages. Unnoticed damages to zerk fittings might contaminate the grease in your tractor and cause expensive damages. Keep your tractor in good condition by regularly greasing your zerk fittings.


Although traditional tractors had less electrical equipment, new tractor models have been integrating more electrical components, protected by fuses. Most fuses in the tractors are color-coded and have their amperes displayed. Replacing fuses is one of the least expensive tractor repairs. Backup fuses can significantly reduce the risk of electrical issues.

Need Help Purchasing Quality Backup Parts?

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