Common Zero-Turn Problems & Solutions: A Complete Guide

Common Zero-Turn Problems & Solutions A Complete Guide

Are you wondering why your zero-turn mower is not working? Or are you struggling to find the right solution to your mower problems? People often choose zero-turn mowers over standard mowers as they can ride the mower and finish mowing large lawns with less time and effort.

However, many feel helpless when their zero-turn mower does not work correctly or stops midway through their lawn. This often happens as zero-turn mowers are operated in various environments that are hard to mow, and most of their parts can wear out over time.

Extensive knowledge about possible issues that you could encounter while using a zero-turn mower, along with a regular maintenance routine, can help you stop problems from escalating, prolong the lifespan of your mower and keep your lawns trimmed for a long time. So, if you own a zero-turn mower, check out the most common zero-turn mower problems and the best solutions to resolve these issues!

Popular Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

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Starting Problems

Major factors that contribute to starting problems in a zero-turn mower include a dirty carburetor, a bad fuel pump, a bad spark plug, a dead battery, a faulty safety switch, and a poor ignition switch.  So, if your zero turn doesn’t start at all, you have first to check the spark plug. If your spark plug has some dark deposits or cracked porcelain, then you know for sure it needs to be replaced.

However, if your zero turn starts and turns over, it can be due to fuel tank problems. So, check whether you have enough gas, if the fuel pump has any cracks or blocks and whether the carburetor is gummed up. Try reinstalling the fuel pump or get a new one in case of irregular fuel flow within the tank.

If you find the carburetor to be dirty, try cleaning it yourself or contact a farm equipment repair shop for help. 

If you see corrosion in your battery terminals, try removing the corrosion using a wire brush! If this does not seem to work, consider replacing your battery altogether. If all other factors are intact and you still have a problem starting your mower, try replacing the safety or ignition switch. However, if this still doesn’t work, take your zero-turn mower to the nearest farm equipment repair shop. 

Smoke Emissions

Often, your zero-turn lawn mower emits smoke due to plugged air filters. When your air filter is clogged, your zero turn doesn’t receive adequate air, and it starts pulling out oil from other parts. This might lead to oil leakage, burning of oil, and produce smoke. 

This can even damage your engine. So, in case of smoke emissions, check whether the air filter is clogged and replace it with a new one if necessary. Sometimes overfilled crankcases can also lead to oil-burning as the oil spills into the cylinder or the air intake and result in smoke. Make sure to drain the oil if it is in excess. 

You must ensure that your engine is filled with oil to the recommended level, as a low level of oil in the tank also leads to friction and smoke. Smoke in your zero turns might also indicate a faulty piston ring, valve train, or engine gasket. These internal engine problems are hard to identify, so get expert help if you find that the air filter and oil are intact.

Weak Hydrostatic Transmission

Zero-turn or riding lawn mower parts also stop working due to issues in the hydrostatic transmission like oil leakage, bad drive belt, faulty tensioner pulley, old oil in the hydrostatic transmissions, etc.

While it is always recommended to go to a mower repair shop in case of issues with your hydrostatic transmission, positioning the drive belt correctly or greasing the tensioner pulley might do the job in some cases. It is advised to check your drive belt and tensioner pulley before you take your zero-turn mower to a repair shop.

Break Downs While Mowing

In most cases, the reason your zero turn dies while mowing is because of bad fuel in the tank. This may corrode your fuel pump or block the fuel tank. So, ensure to replace your fuel once every 30 days and clean your fuel tank if you find that fuel is bad.

Your Zero Turn mower can also die in between mowing due to a plugged air filter. Often an air filter can be taken out and cleaned using a dry cloth, but in case you cannot see the light through the air filter, it is advised to replace it. Also, make sure the engine shrouds, fans, and heat shields are clean and intact.

Non-Linear Motion

Your zero turn often does not drive straight due to unequal tire pressure, poor dampers, and irregular tracking adjustments. So ensure that your tires have equal pressure, replace the bad damper, or adjust your speed adjustment bolt if you feel that your mower is not moving straight.

Get Expert Help to Repair your Zero Turn Mowers

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The best way to prevent your zero-turn mower from breaking down is by ensuring regular maintenance of your riding lawn mower parts, and most of the issues with your zero-turn mower can be prevented entirely.

However, as parts grow older, they can become damaged and affect the overall performance of the mower. So, next time your zero-turn mower stops working, there’s no need to worry. Visit Diamond B Tractors & Equipment and get the expert help you need. 

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