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Mahindra eMax Series

Don’t underestimate these little beasts. Mahindra’s eMax series is one of the most versatile in its class, redefining the sub-compact tractor market by offering dynamic, powerful performance in small-scale models. With a best-in-class turning radius, impressive lift capacities, and an incredible range of available implements, the eMax series is the go-to toolbox of tractors, suited to homeowners and professionals alike.

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  • MANEUVERABILITY: Tight working conditions? No problem. eMax Series tractors are engineered with a best-in-class turning radius so you can work in the compact areas that other tractors can’t.
  • ENGINE: With a 30%+ larger displacement and lower operating RPM than the closest competition, you’ll have stronger, quieter operation for years to come.
  • COMFORT: Work long hours without unnecessary operator strain. eMax series tractors come standard with Mahindra’s own mComfort seat with turning function for easy tractor/loader/backhoe operation, an ergonomically designed operator station, and optional deluxe cab with heater and windshield wipers (available for eMax 20S and 25L models).
  • LIFT CAPACITY: All eMax Series tractors possess a lift capacity that goes head to head with any other sub-compact tractor on the market. Lift more, carry more, pull more, and get more done.
  • SAFETY AND STABILITY: Equipped with our ag, industrial, or turf tires and with the highest built-in-weight in their class, eMax series tractors allow for better traction, safety, and stability, as well as less turf damage in wet applications.
  • QUICK ATTACH COUPLERS: Don’t waste any time on tedious implement attachment and detachment. Standard skid steer style loader couplers provide fast and easy front implement connection.

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