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Stihl Blower BGA 56

The BGA 56 combines STIHL performance and exceptional value. Its powerful motor delivers air speeds of 100 mph and an air flow of 353 cfm at the nozzle. It features an adjustable tube to fit different user heights for enhanced comfort. Clear a sidewalk, seven football fields long, on a single charge with this STIHL AK Series handheld blower. The BGA 56 is also just 7.3 lbs. (with AK 20 battery) for easy portability and maneuverability. And when you’re done, hang it on the wall from its onboard hanging slot.

Usage claim tested and verified by an independent third-party test laboratory. Run time may vary based on battery type, charge level and capacity, model, operating style and conditions. Batteries and chargers can be purchased separately or as a combined set with tool.

Blower Features
Blowing Force 9 Newtons
Avg. Air Velocity 45 m/sec. (100 mph)
Max Air Velocity 54 m/sec (121 mph)
Air Volumne at Nozzle 600 m3/h (353 cfm)
Sound Pressure Rating 63 dB(A)
Power Source Battery

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