Farm Tractor for Sale | Buying Tips – Robstown TX

//Farm Tractor for Sale | Buying Tips – Robstown TX

Farm Tractor for Sale | Buying Tips – Robstown TX

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Are you planning to buy a farm tractor? If yes, then do read through the discussion below to get acquainted with factors to consider when picking the best farm tractor for sale in Robstown TX. 

Style and size of tractor

You should pick the style and size depending on where and how the tractor would be useful. For example, tall high-crop tractors are perfect for being used in orchards.

When it comes to farm tractors, these are the most common options you will come across. 

Standard tractor

They are known for their low center of gravity and come with front wheels set on a wide axle. They are good for completing heavy field applications like plowing. 

High crop tractor 

This kind is mostly used to cultivate tall plants such as vegetable plants and cotton plants. The tread widths of these units are adjustable and they show incredibly high clearance. These features allow a high crop tractor to remove weeds without damaging the crops. 

  • Row crop tractor- As its name suggests, this kind of tractor is useful to cultivate crops that grow in rows. Examples include tomatoes, corn etc. Users are allowed to adjust the tread width of these tractors. This means a row crop tractor is capable of passing over the crops without causing any harm. 
  • Utility tractor- They are much smaller in size when compared to the types discussed above. Their petite turning radius makes them suitable for a series of general tasks on small farms. Utility tractors often come with additional attachments like backhoe and front-end loader. 


When looking for the best farm tractor for sale Navasota TX, you must remember that the size of a tractor has nothing to do with the power it can produce. Therefore, there are several small tractors that are capable of outperforming a bigger tractor by producing more horsepower. So, it’s important to check the tractor power before buying the equipment. If you want the tractor just for performing jobs such as mowing lawns, go for a tractor below 35 HP. Those units will, however, not be able to complete more difficult farming jobs such as making hay. 

If you have plans of performing utility tasks by outfitting the tractor with attachments, don’t forget to check a second HP number called the PTO (Power Takeoff) horsepower. The PTO of the tractor indicates the amount of power available for the implements or attachments. 


Attachments or implements are objects that put the power of a tractor to use. These objects provide tractors with the capability of accomplishing multiple jobs of significantly different nature. Therefore, some of the implements you might need include: 

  • Three-point hitches- They are points on a tractor’s back where attachments get connected. They can be of three kinds, category two, category one and category zero. 
  • Front- end loaders- You will need this attachment if you have plans of using your tractor for removing debris or snow or for hauling sand or mulch.
  • Backhoes- They are helpful for completing digging jobs. 


Whatever might be the kind of unit you decide to buy, a top Mahindra tractor dealer offering a farm tractor for sale in Robstown TX will surely have it in its collection.

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