Gas vs Battery Lawn Mowers: Why Gas Mowers Rule in Lawn Care

As the sunny days of spring and summer roll in across the United States, many people who own or rent homes with grassy yards find themselves gearing up for the regular task of mowing their lawns. In earlier times, manual push mowers were the standard tool for this job. 

However, the lawn care and maintenance equipment world, including riding lawn mowers for sale, has seen significant changes over time. Gas-powered push mowers, once the primary choice, now find themselves in a race with the newer, battery-powered push mowers. These modern mowers are praised for being quieter, easy to start, and less heavy, making them appear more appealing. Also, moving from models with cords to cordless ones has made them safer and easier to use. 

Despite the ongoing advancements in electric lawnmowers, the battle between Gas vs Battery Lawn Mowers continues to be a hot topic in lawn care. 

This article delves into the seven key advantages that keep gas lawnmowers a top choice in lawn care, especially compared to battery-operated lawnmowers.

Why Are Gas Lawn Mowers Better than Battery Lawn Mowers?

Offer Precise Performance

Gas lawn mower’s superiority over battery-powered mowers lies largely in their high-performance capabilities. With greater horsepower at their disposal, gas mowers excel in cutting efficiency. This makes them particularly adept at tackling challenging lawn conditions, such as thick, overgrown grass or uneven terrain. In scenarios where precision and power are paramount, gas mowers consistently deliver top-notch results.

Furthermore, the robust performance of gas-operated lawn mowers isn’t just about power; it’s also about the quality of the cut they provide. Many lawn care experts attest that gas-powered mowers can yield a more professionally manicured look. This is especially crucial for those who take pride in having a meticulously maintained lawn where every blade of grass counts.

Non-Stop Mowing

A big plus for gas lawn mowers is how long they can keep going without stopping. Unlike mowers that run on batteries and have a limited mowing time (around 45 to 60 minutes), gas mowers can work much longer on a single gas tank. This can be anywhere from an hour and a half to several hours, depending on how hard the mower works. This is especially useful for big lawns or when you’re hurrying to finish the job and can’t afford to stop and recharge.

With a gas mower, you can keep mowing without breaks as long as there’s fuel. This is a huge advantage over electric lawnmowers, which might need to stop and recharge right in the middle of the job. 

Ease of Refueling Over Recharging

A notable advantage of gas lawn mowers is the ease of refueling compared to the need to recharge batteries in electric models. Critics often point out the higher fuel costs of gas mowers, but the widespread availability of gas makes it much simpler to keep your mower ready for action. If you forget to refuel, a quick trip to the gas station solves the problem, whereas forgetting to charge a battery can disrupt your entire day’s lawn care plan due to the limited runtime of battery mowers.

Another aspect to consider is the cost of batteries for electric mowers, which can range from $20 to $74, depending on the model. Owning at least two batteries is often necessary to ensure continuous mowing without interruptions. Additionally, the cost of replacing these batteries can add up over time.

In contrast, the replacement parts for gas lawn mowers, including fuel, tend to be less expensive than those for battery-powered models.

Superior for Large Lawn Areas

Superior for Large Lawn Areas

Gas-powered lawn mowers excel in their ability to efficiently tackle extensive lawn areas, where they have a distinct edge over battery-powered models. The advantage here lies in their uninterrupted runtime, overall design, and power output, which are tailored for larger spaces. While battery mowers might suffice for small to medium-sized lawns, they often fall short in larger settings.

Gas mowers’ robustness becomes apparent for substantial lawn spaces, such as those over an acre. They are built to easily handle vast areas, enabling homeowners to complete their lawn care tasks in one go without the need for breaks or equipment changes. This capacity to cover large areas without compromising performance or efficiency sets gas mowers apart, making them the preferred choice for those with spacious yards.

Better for Thick Grass

If you have a lawn with thick or dense grass, a gas-powered mower is the way to go. This is because most mowers run on batteries that don’t have the same power. They usually come with smaller cutting areas (decks) and less power, making it hard for them to get through tough grass. With their higher power and strength, gas mowers can easily handle this kind of work. They keep cutting evenly and effectively, even when the grass is tall or really thick, where battery mowers might struggle.

Faster Mowing with Gas Mowers

While you might think battery-powered mowers would quickly handle short grass, they actually don’t. Gas mowers really speed up the mowing process. They can mow faster, saving time and effort thanks to their greater horsepower. Even though both types of mowers let you control the speed, gas mowers give you a quicker and cleaner cut.

Battery mowers might start quickly and run quietly, but their short battery life could rush you. This might lead to a less neat cut because you’re trying to finish before the battery dies. Gas mowers don’t have this problem, so you can take the time necessary to get a neat, even cut.

Cost Effectiveness and Power

Choosing a lawn mower often means finding a balance between cost and performance. Gas mowers are great in this respect. They’re often cheaper than battery-powered mowers, especially if you’re looking for basic, no-frills models. Not only are they more affordable to buy, but their parts are usually cheaper, too, saving you money in the long run.

Also, gas mowers are usually the better choice if you need a really powerful mower. They have the strength to handle tough lawn jobs that might be too much for electric mowers. So, while electric mowers might be quieter or better for the environment, gas mowers are the way to go for tough jobs if you want to keep your spending down.

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