How to Prepare and Maintain Compact Tractors for Winter


Many people avoid using their compact tractors during the Winter. But some have to use them for work. So whether you are planning to put your tractor to use during the winter months or store it, there are multiple things you need to do to prepare your tractor for the winter months ahead.

It is essential that you take proper care of your machine during these chilly months to ensure that it stays functioning to the best of its ability. We’ve put together some expert tips to prepare and maintain your compact tractor for work during the winter.

Preparing Your Compact Tractor:

Most compact tractors offered by tractor dealers in Texas are adaptable to all seasons. However, manufacturers advise owners to go through these steps to prepare their compact tractors for winter jobs.

First, read your tractor’s operator manual and follow the steps to winterize your tractor. The owner’s manual offers excellent information on maintenance schedules. Even if you are well versed when it comes to your farm equipment, you may learn a few things by reading the user manual. Use that valuable information for your reference. 

The next step is to check fluids and check the engine oil. You may have to top-up or change the oil depending on the quality. The same goes for the hydraulic system oil, transmission oil, and brake fluid. Always use superior quality oils and follow the guidelines in the instruction manual.

We recommend replacing the engine oil filter and other liquid or lubricant filters. Be sure to check the automatic braking system and the condition of the diesel pump and its filter. 

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It is imperative to check for the presence of water by examining the water-fuel separator. You can remove water deposits using the filter valve. This operation is essential to prevent water from entering the diesel fuel supply circuit, which can have very adverse effects.

Next, you should examine your auxiliary and compressor belts. Check your coolant and ensure it has the right mix to avoid freezing. The freezing of coolant could lead to costly repairs and damages. This step is essential if you haven’t replaced your coolant in three years.

Mahindra tractor dealers suggest owners keep a record of their maintenance, so they know precisely when the last time each fluid and filter was changed. 

Maintenance Procedures:

  • Wash your tractor with a pressure washer because excessive dirt can cause damage.
  • Clean the radiator with an air compressor
  • Apply grease at all points – shafts, joints, hinges, moving parts, etc. 
  • Add grease to all cylinder rods to keep them safe from corrosion.
  • Clean the air filter with an air compressor to ensure a sufficient air supply to the engine.
  • On parts with possible friction movement, apply long-lasting spray grease. It provides highly durable lubrication and corrosion protection in the most critical situations. 
  • Check tires – there should be proper inflation and no damage. 
  • Examine and ensure that the battery is in working condition.
  • Check that all of the nuts and bolts are tightened. Next, pay attention to the pipes of the hydraulic system. These pipes contain high-pressure fluid for lifting. If you notice any cracks or leaks of fluid, visit a tractor repair shop.
  • Examine the functioning of all the lights. Days become shorter in winters, and these lights will be essential in the evening.
  • Ensure that all the safety devices like ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) are in place. If you are not storing your tractor, do not remove the ROPS.


Tips for Storing your Compact Tractor:

If you are planning to keep your tractor stationary, then it is wise to carry out these steps:

  • Clean your filters
  • Empty the fuel tank or use anti-freeze
  • Check and lubricate the lubrication points
  • Drain different parts of the tractor. There should be no liquid left in the tanks.
  • Remove the battery,  especially if it is an old battery
  • Drain the radiator or use antifreeze to prevent the water hoses from exploding because of low temperatures
  • Keep the battery in a dry place. Make sure it’s protected from frost and away from any flame or sparks
  • Thoroughly wash the tractor
  • Remove soil and residue where rust could develop
  • Scrub all metal surfaces with a cloth soaked in anti-corrosion
  • The tractor should be stored in a safe place
  • If your tractor has tires, place it on chocks or heavy cardboard to prevent the tires from contacting the ground.
  • Run the engine for 20 to 30 minutes at least once a month to prevent rusting

Everyday Checks in Winters:

The lifespan of your compact tractor will depend on how well you stay on top of the maintenance. The better you maintain your equipment, the longer it will run. Here are a few things you should regularly check when operating your tractor in winter:

  • Coolant and engine oil levels
  • Level of transmission oil and hydraulic oil
  • Cleanliness of your fuel filter
  • Fuel or oil leaks
  • Lubricate the various lubrication points
  • Check the brakes
  • Tighten the screws and nuts 

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Our Conclusion:

If you have accessories on your equipment, such as a GPS, we advise you to remove them and store these accessories in a safe place during the winter months.  If you are keeping your tractor outdoors, use a waterproof tarp to keep it as dry as possible. We also recommend that you check the levels of the antifreeze liquid from time to time to cope with the low temperatures. This will prevent your radiator from freezing. Finally, if you carry out the maintenance of your tractor yourself, you must have the necessary tools to do so. Consider keeping crown wrenches, sockets, filter wrenches, torque wrench, etc., within reach in case of any unexpected incidents.

Taking good care of your tractor and regularly servicing it will be extremely beneficial in the long run. If you follow these key maintenance steps and the manufacturer’s instructions, you will extend the performance and life of your machine. Feel free to share your compact tractor maintenance tips in the comments below and check out our used farm tractors for sale. Diamond B. Tractors & Equipment has a wide variety of tractors and equipment to fit your needs and budget.