New Mahindra Tractor | Many Models in Robstown TX 

//New Mahindra Tractor | Many Models in Robstown TX 

New Mahindra Tractor | Many Models in Robstown TX 

Choosing a new Mahindra tractor in Robstown TX can be challenging with so many models available. At Diamond B Tractors, we want to help you make the best decision for your needs. Plus, our professional staff is experienced in sales, parts, service and finance. Read the information below to help you understand some of the differences in Mahindra models. Mahindra produces quality products that last.

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While, some chores may seem like fun, the sheer pleasure may drain out faster than you anticipate. Occasionally, mowing takes too long and sucks when it requires you to ride the mower on a bunch of acres of lawn. For this reason, we present to you a vast array of new Mahindra tractors for your homestead or agricultural work. 

 In this article, we present you with a review of some new tractors to help you choose one which suits your needs. Are you ready?

Mahindra 1538 TLB Tractor

This tractor has 60” and 55” buckets, and it is designed with the capability to lift up to 1,650 lbs to a 99” height. Plus, it utilizes a compatible mount system which opens different implements and accessories. Even at a low rpm, the tractor loader cycles fast in the lower/dump or raise/curl directions. Additionally, with a four-cylinder measuring 166.7 cubic-inches and 2400 rpm, the tractor gives off 27.7 power and 38.7 gross take-off horsepower.

Pros of using the Mahindra 1538 TLB

  • Noiseless EPA FT4 engine
  • Digital dashboard
  • Package stability and tilt wheel features
  • Rubber isolated platform flooring
  • Twin cup-holders
  • Hand throttle and joystick. integrated into its right fender console
  • Hydrostatic transmission

Cons of using the Mahindra 1538 TLB

  • Treadle pedal is located below the brake pedal
  • Awkward fuel fill positioning
  • Uncomfortable seat swivel

Mahindra 2538 TLB Tractor

With functionality that apes that of the Mahindra 1538 TLB, you can bring this tractor into your farm or homestead to make your work easy and enjoyable. In this case, it is powered by the Mahindra four-cylinder engine measuring 167 cubic inches with 37.4 gross and 31 take-off horsepower rated output at 2400 rpm. Additionally, the engine design implies EPA FT4 compliance. Similarly, it has a 66” bucket, 4.5” dig depth, 79.3” dump clearance, and 101.4” maximum 1634 lbs lift capability.

Pros of using Mahindra 2538 TLB

  • Does not require any heat-inducing regenerative cycling
  • Has a higher tank capacity of 9 gallons
  • Tilt steering
  • Stationary and separate seat
  • Easily accessible fuel tank right behind the seat of the operator
  • Lower positioning makes it more stable
  • Side-by-side arrangement of hydro-pedals

Cons of using Mahindra 2538 TLB

  • Steering rod placement has little protection
  • Lower positioning reduces outward visibility

Mahindra eMax 25S TL

Just like most eMax tractors, the Mahindra eMax 25S TL series is powered by three-cylinder Mahindra engine measuring 61.5 cubic-inches. In this case, the engine is EPA FT4 compliant. As an eMax 25 tractor, there is an associated output of 25 horsepower. Similarly, with the side-by-side arrangement of pedals, the tractor achieves effectively modulated control. You will find this tractor helpful in the removal of snow in your homestead.

Pros of using the Mahindra eMax 25S TL

  • High-quality zip-fit which allows entry from either side
  • Allows for clear vision
  • Competitively priced
  • Fit protects the operator from unfavorable weather conditions
  • Friendly layout design

Cons of using the Mahindra eMax 25S TL

  • Seat travel feels uncomfortable
  • Rockshaft 3PH control, lacks position control system

Mahindra 2540 Shuttle

It is easy to confuse between the Mahindra 2540 and 4010 tractors if your differentiation solely lies on the footprints. Mahindra 2540 Shuttle is powered by a four-cylinder mCRD Mahindra engine measuring 166.7 cubic-inches as opposed to the three-cylinder engine which measures 111.4 cubic-inches. Additionally, it has a roomy cockpit with an adjustable suspension seat. Thus, its floor has split brakes and a clutch pedal on the right and left sides respectively. Similarly, with an LCD insert, the operator can access vital information like engine hours.

Pros of using the Mahindra 2540 Shuttle

  • Operator comfort, tilting of the steering wheel
  • Engine is considerably quieter
  • Does not require a DPF

Cons of using the Mahindra 2540 Shuttle

  • Sloping hood configuration, limits the extension of the headlamp

While the features and functionality of these Mahindra tractors look similar, it is important to pay attention to the engine types and capabilities, the advantages and drawbacks of each tractor, and their competitive pricing. Make your order today, and run your homestead and agricultural chores with ease.

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