2017 Mahindra 1526 4WD Shuttle Package

//2017 Mahindra 1526 4WD Shuttle Package

2017 Mahindra 1526 4WD Shuttle Package

As low as $276/mo!

  • Removable Mahindra Front End Loader
  • 5FT Mahindra shredder
  • 5FT Mahindra Box Blade
  • 18FT Ranch King trailer


Our 1526 Power Package includes our Mahindra 1526 4X4 26 HP diesel tractor with removable, skid steer front end loader, 5FT Mahindra shredder, 5FT Mahindra box blade & 18FT Ranch King trailer all for just $276/ month at 10% down WAC. This Mahindra features our cast iron frame and all steel hood and fenders. NO PLASTIC and NO ALUMINUM on our Mahindra Tractors! Monthly payment figured at 10% down, insurance and tax may apply.

Another new addition to the Mahindra Tier IV lineup – the new 1526 is a high performance 4wd compact tractor with new higher 3 point and loader lift capacity.

Industry Leading Warranty

Mahindra tractors are in it for the long haul, which is why they’re backed by our industry leading 7-year limited powertrain warranty.

Features may include:

  • Tilt steering column
  • Hood opens completely for ease of access
  • Hitch lowering speed adjustment knob
  • Enclosed down-swept exhaust muffler
  • Easy hook for top link retention
  • Spacious, semi-flat operator platform with rubber mat
  • Foldable ROPS
  • Ergonomic controls and pedals for operator comfort
  • Easy latch for clutch pedal locking during tractor storage
  • Easy forward tilt possible on seat for tractor storage