Mahindra 4540 Tractor Package

//Mahindra 4540 Tractor Package

Mahindra 4540 Tractor Package

As low as  $369/mo! 

  • Mahindra 4×4 4540
  • Removable Mahindra Front Loader
  • 6ft Mahindra Shredder


Our 4540 Power Package includes our Mahindra 2540 4X4 with a removable, skid steer Mahindra Front Loader and a 6 FT Mahindra Shredder all for just $369/ month with 0% down WAC. This tractor features our cast iron frame and all steel hood and fenders, NO PLASTIC and NO ALUMINUM on our Mahindra tractors! Monthly payment figured at 0% down, insurance and tax may apply.