Used Zero Turn Mower | Robstown TX Dealership 

//Used Zero Turn Mower | Robstown TX Dealership 

Used Zero Turn Mower | Robstown TX Dealership 

 A used zero turn mower can offer many cost effective advantages when compared to purchasing new. Since this can be tricky, it’s important to buy from a trustworthy source to help you with the decision. In their Robstown TX dealership, Diamond B Tractors and Equipment inventory  includes a used zero turn mower you are looking for. used zero turn mower

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Here are several good reasons to purchase used equipment plus some examples available at the dealership.

While the obvious reason for buying a used mower is to save on price, there are other things to look at. It should be powerful, refurbished, and well-maintained. Here are the top benefits of buying a used zero turn mower.

Someone else incurs depreciation

Most customers complain about how a zero turn mower depreciates as soon as they start to mow their yard. As the weeks and months pass, the bulk of depreciation occurs. So, how much a zero-turn mower costs will depend on the level of depreciation.

Certification and thoroughly inspected

Pre-owned mowers are certified and inspected to ensure they are of high quality. Some may come with an extended warranty and other benefits.

No exaggerated fees

Although a new mower looks great, there could be some crazy fees before it gets to your yard. The insurance gap also comes in here. You should expect to pay less with time.

Low customization costs

When buying a used mower, you don’t have to settle for the add-ons in the dealership. And if you want to install your own, you’ll still pay less.

However, just like buying any other used equipment, you should ensure everything in top-notch condition. First, a used mower should cost about 60% of the retail price of a new one. Also, you should pay attention to the engine. The best models are Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Kawasaki. You can give it a start or even run it on the grass. This will help you understand the cut quality. Thirdly, ask for all the paperwork including the maintenance records and original receipts. Other things to check include:

  • The condition of tires
  • Fluid levels – are there any leaks?
  • Are there dents or cracks on the body?
  • The condition of the blades
  • Do the brakes work well
  • Does the mower idle smoothly

Examples of used zero-turn mowers at Robstown, TX Dealership


This is the ideal mower for yards and predominantly flat spaces. And because it’s a zero-turn mower, it can maneuver around bushes and gardens with ease. Furthermore, the superior components and durable frame make it ideal for daily use. While some zero turn mowers come with a steering wheel, this model use steer levers and a pedal for navigation. Other features include:

  • Powerful engine – 20HP
  • The forward speed of 8mph and reverse speed of 5mph
  • Intelligent braking system
  • Cutting decks span 42-54 inches
  • Bad Boy Maverick 

This zero turn mower features an integrated EZ-ride system and a patented drive system. At first glance, you’ll love the fabricated frame deck. What’s more, Bad Boy comes with fully independent compression shocks, so it glides well on uneven terrain. Some of the specifications include:

  • A cutting width of 40-60 inches
  • Ground forward speed is 9mph
  • A 726cc air-cooled engine
  • A 3200 hydro-gear integrated transaxle

While there’s a sense of satisfaction riding a mower from the factory, a used one can be just as reliable as the new one. As you shop for a used zero turn mower in the Robstown, TX dealership, you should pay attention to costs and your mowing needs.

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